Enlightenment Regarding the Acceptance of Reconciliation in Minor Traffic Accidents Inside the Stations 07-02-2018

As part of the directives of the Ministry of the Interior, on the one hand to clear the traffic congestion due to minor incidents as soon as possible, and on the other hand to reduce the effort and time on the auditors at the police stations on such incidents. 

The Ministry of the Interior has announced the application of the provisions of Article (2/41 and 5/41) of the Traffic Law and its amendments regarding the acceptance of reconciliation in minor traffic accidents inside the stations. Procedures and receipt of the reform orders to be delivered to the insurance companies for the affected parties. The party committing the accident will pay a fine of KD 20 at the station immediately after acknowledging the mistake and recording a violation in his name, without the need to send the investigation to the General Investigation Department and then to the court.

However, in the event that the accident occurs, the parties to the accident must immediately move the vehicles off the road if they agree by mutual consent to complete the reconciliation after they have taken photographs of the scene and the vehicles at the moment of the accident. Both parties must move their vehicle to the shoulder of the right road or the nearest safe place, not to cause traffic disruptions and wait until the police patrol arrives at the scene to be directed to the appropriate post to complete the reconciliation procedures there. 

In the event that any of the parties to the accident does not commit to moving his vehicle from the road to the right shoulder, an violation will be released against him to block the traffic, based on the text of Article (133) of the Executive Regulations of the Traffic Law, as amended by Ministerial Decision No. 2934 of 2016. 

Note: The implementation of this order began in the capital Governorate since 3/6/2018, while the rest of the provinces have been started work since 1/7/2018.

Therefore, we call upon our customers to abide by what is mentioned in order to safeguard their interests and not to expose them to infringement and harm.

We also call on all drivers belonging to the company or non-affiliates to abide by the above

Management of Automak Automotive Company.                                   

Enlightenment Regarding the Acceptance of Reconciliation in Minor Traffic Accidents Inside the Stations 07-02-2018