Admin Service Supervisor

Full Time
Shuwaikh Headoffice
Posted On : Aug 26, 2021
  • General Administration:
  • Assist in managing admin services in the least turnaround time saving and overhead cost
  • Ensures proactive planning of admin services to achieve continuity of business operations & customer delight
  • Maintains compliance with applicable local laws of all admin services
  • Approves/authorizes expenditures for administrative operational needs
  • Personnel Administration:
  • Assist in overseeing all the functions and transactions of overseas branches’ Egypt/ China/ Qatar
  • Monitors time and attendance of staff and subsequent disciplinary actions
  • Ensures that the Personnel & Admin team is delivering the best service and performing efficiently
  • Govt. Affairs:
  • Responsible for managing a public relations department along with its staff
  • Manages all legal requirements regarding employee residency, work permits, health insurances, etc.
  • Facilities Management:
  • Supervises the accommodation to ensure that buildings are fulfilling the entire government / legal / safety requirements
  • Maintains the cleanliness and maintenance of buildings
  • Presents reports on accommodation capacities, future requirements etc.
  • Prepares optimization plans to best utilize the accommodation facility and reduce the cost without affecting the quality of services
  • Oversees the security of the company to ensure that all security staff are available and fulfilling their duties
  • Ensures that all security arrangements are effective to maintain 0 % theft
  • Prepares a system to record all thefts and proceed with appropriate actions to minimize it

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