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Top Management participates in Black Belt Six Sigma Training…

Top Management participated in the Black Belt Six Sigma Training which is being held in Dubai by Motorola; the pioneers of Six Sigma. The sessions comprise of 1 week each per month which is spread across 4 months. Successful completion awards the participants with the Black Belt Six Sigma certification.
Black Belts are experts groomed in the Six Sigma methodology and advanced statistical tools. They typically lead improvement project teams and work closely with a Champion or Sponsor on the high impact project. Black Belts learn the DMAIC methodology for process improvement:

Define the opportunity
Measure the performance
Analyze the opportunity
Improve performance
Control performance

Within the context of the DMAIC methodology, they learn key concepts associated with effective project teams and the relevant, advanced statistical and graphical tools within the methodology.

The Action Learning Model is critical to effective development of Black Belts. This model combines classroom instruction with real-time project implementation. Prior to training, candidates are assigned (or identify) improvement projects and teams. Between the four weeks of training delivered over four months, they immediately apply the concepts and tools taught in training to their high impact project for the organization.

Some of the overall criteria to keep in mind while identifying a Black Belt improvement project in an organization are as follows -

• Deliver significant impact on a key business goal
• Require analysis to uncover the root cause of the problem
• Require application of statistical tools (e.g. data is available or can be made available for decision-making purposes)
• Have cross-function or cross-business impact
• Address a source of customer pain or dissatisfaction
• Focus on improving a key business process
• Produce significant quantifiable results (e.g. financial savings, customer satisfaction)
• Be able to be completed in time to make a difference to the business goal
• Be scoped so that results can be achieved in 4-6 months
• Be supported (or sponsored) by a high level manager

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