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KOTC appreciates Automak Company Representatives …

Mr. Mohammed El-Said, Branch Manager of KOTC, appreciated Mr. Ashraf Fouad Hamadi, Automak’s Company Representative for KOTC on 14 July 09 for his efforts, hard work and cooperation shown to do the work required of him very quickly and efficiently. Mr. Ashraf’s job is to receive cars from the KOTC Staff which require service and repair, and then to deliver back once complete. Mr. Ashraf was applauded for his excellent customer service skills which helped make the work very easy for the KOTC personnel; who also commended him for his humility and immense respect shown to the superiors in all his dealings with KOTC.
KOTC  appreciates Automak Company Representatives …
Automak’s Company Representative, Mr. Emad Ahmed Mahrous was applauded by Mr. Khaled Abdul Aziz Al Doub – Manager for Public Relations on 16 July 09 for the commendable work done with regards to the KOTC Contract; wherein cars which require repair and service are to be received from the KOTC Staff and delivered back to them once complete. Mr. Emad was also highly praised for doing the required work very quickly without any violations thus making the job easier for the KOTC Staff; and also for maintaining a fine relationship with all the concerned employees of the KOTC Staff.
KOTC  appreciates Automak Company Representatives …

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