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Automak Revamped Website goes LIVE…

Effective 1ST March 2010, a new revamped website with added services and functions went live and is tentatively scheduled to be converted into a portal before 1st May 2010.
The new revamped website has an enhanced appearance with an improved homepage listing menu and sub-menus relevant to the main categories of service and information being provided by Automak; namely being –

a) Rental
b) Leasing
c) Used Cars
d) Dealership
e) Customer Service
f)  About Us
g) Latest News

The website has also been employed with a search engine which allows for more flexible searches by dates, topics, type of info etc. as required by the reader.

The above is in completion of Phase 1 of the revamp of the website with the Phase 2 – Customer Portal and Phase 3 - Agent Portal & Phase 2 enhancement to be completed shortly.

The key thing we wanted to achieve with this revamp is to make the site relevant and useable for the Customer’s & Public to be able to search for and receive information and; also be able to do reservations for vehicles as required in the near future.

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