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3rd Surveillance ISO 9001:2008 External Audit conducted for Automakā€¦

The 3rd Surveillance ISO 9001:2008 External Audit was conducted by Intertek (Automak’s ISO Certifying Agency) on 21st Sept 2010 by Mr. Mohammed Hashik, Consultant and Mr. K. Sayeenathan, Systems Certification Manager (Abu Dhabi) for Intertek.

The External Audit witnessed specific Processes / Functions of the QMS (Quality Management System) being audited to ensure continual compliance and conformity to the ISO Standards.
The Process / Functions audited are under the Scope of Certification for Automak which is ‘Provision of rental services and service operations of automotive for government and private sector’ and are as follows:
a) QA / MR Functions
b) Shuwaikh Garage Operations
c) Ahmadi Garage Operations
d) Rental Sales Process
e) HR Management Process including competency, training and awareness
A Closing Meeting was conducted at the end of the External Audit highlighting the Findings & Observations noted down by the External Auditors; and was attended by Automak Top Management and all relevant heads of each respective Department that was audited.

The 3rd Surveillance External Audit also marked the upgrade of Automak’s ISO Certificate from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 which would be granted upon successful completion of the same.

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